Reasonable people can have honest differences

As DBM pointed out over at musicscribe blog a few days back, John Rulapaugh of Palmetto State has a blog, “John’s Jotttings,” which takes its place alongside “Jerry’s Journal” and “Danny’s Diary” in the growing Hall of Obnoxiously Sibilant Blog Names. Like Paul Heil, Rulapaugh can’t help dipping into politics, and though he misfires a good deal of the time (can anyone who was awake for the past ten years or so really think that “For quite some time now the “Christian Right” has made little impact on national elections”? Hello? Has Rulapaugh not heard of the Contract with America and has he forgotten the ascendancy of Christian conservatism in the 1994 midterm elections, which put the House of Representatives in the control of hard-right, largely Christian conservative Republicans for the first time in four decades? Or what about George Bush’s entire presidency?). But Rulapaugh redeems himself this week with some of the more reasonable political commentary you can expect from outspoken right-wing sg groups. His most recent post on looking at a candidate’s entire record - not just the single issue or two that really gets you going - is worth reading, no matter what your political persuasion. As Rulapaugh suggests, when you vote for a candidate, you can’t just pretend you’re not morally responsible for all of that candidate’s positions, whether you agree with them or not. Now can we please get back to the music?

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