"Walk slowly down that long lone path"

George Younce, as many of you may have already seen, has a new website up. It’s definitely worth stopping by, if only for the Memories section - a slide show of pictures from Younce’s life and family (including some great old shots with the Cats from all eras) that’s set to some of George’s solos. I’ve never been a huge fan of spoken word solos (or the heavily reverberated, warmNfuzzy melodic solo projects from basses generally), but Younce does them about as well as anyone can. And “Beyond the Sunset,” from the Cats 25th Anniversary album, can pretty make me come undone if I’m in the right mood. Which is another way of saying, there’s more than a little feeling of sunset and life’s autumnal season leading on to winter’s tomb surrounding this memories slide show. For just a second when I started watching and listening to it, I wondered if Younce had died and I had just somehow managed to miss it - that’s the tone of this piece, which I don’t mean as an insult at all. But there’s something funereal in the combination of the pictures’ slowly fading in and out, the retrospective quality of the photos capturing A Life, the sound of George’s voice - weary but contemplative, tired but reflective, full of the life that he must be (and, thanks to this slide show, we too are) casting a backwards glance at.

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