Dueling Beasleys

No one else seems remotely interested in my challenge to do some real reporting about the NQC relocation vote (this post from Amy Unthanks’ blog suggests most of the effort at sogospelnews goes into making phony “ethical” excuses why they can’t do real reporting), but it’s paying off for me. This morning brought mail from both Clarke and Les Beasley. In the order they arrived, first Clarke’s kinda snarky reply:

If you are suggesting that I tell you who voted what way, let me save you the trouble of ever asking for that again. I will never report on the individual votes of directors in board meetings. The public release we made on the Singing News web-site is all this office has to say on the subject.

Well, no. As I explained to Clarke in a reply, I wasn’t asking for a member-by-member vote but a X-X breakdown. We’ll see if he follows up but, given how adamant and snippy he is here, I’m not sure I should expect anything. Then, there’s Les, who gets right to the point and is far more helpful and a lot less sassy:

The vote to keep the convention in Louisville was unanimous.

How can this be, you ask. Didn’t Clarke Beasley tell the City Paper that the vote was “close”? A person with less intelligent readers than I have might be flummoxed by this kind of response, since it seems to fly in the face not only of Clarke’s own comments but also contradict pretty reliable information from within the NQC inner circle that says the vote was 4-4. But in a discussion with California Dreamer JG yesterday, I was reminded of how, rather than 8-0 and 4-4 being incommensurably conflicting possibilities, they could both be true. How? Lookit, here’s JG. He makes better sense than I do on this:

The vote was split and Les made the deciding vote. Then, they agreed that it was in their best interest to make the decision a unanimous one. I’ve seen this same thing in a couple of Baptist business meetings. Seriously. Even as ludicrous as it is. In order to avoid any appearance of dissension and send the message that they are united, they make a follow-up motion to make the decision unanimous. Very, very bizarre.

Ahh yes, Baptist business meetings. If you didn’t grow up on these Wednesday night marathons, you are definitely one of the elect. There’s nothing worse than a room full of tithers ticked off about this or that use of their money and just familiar enough with Robert’s Rules of Orders to tie a conversation in knots over where to service the church bus: there’s Hanger’s garage, of course (they’re more reliable, ya know), but there’s also Morrison’s (we’ve been trying to get those folks saved for a long time). So motion piles on top of motion and amendment upon amendment to the amendments and now it’s 10:30 and we haven’t gotten to new business yet. And I imagine there’s just enough ticked off tither in the NQC board types to pull something like JG suggests. No matter, a big shout out to the Beasleys for getting back to me, in both the sass and sass-free way. SEE, people WILL respond with varying degrees of forthrightness if you Just. Give Them. A Chance.

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