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C’mon, DBM. Top TWENTY male quartets? Don’t back yourself into a corner or court controversy or anything by having to, you know, make some tough choices. Somebody, please … name a major male quartet worth listening to for any amount of time that isn’t on DMB’s list. A monthly ranking is a smart way to create some pseudo-buzz (DBM, of course, is a very smart guy) and gin up a horse-race competition artificially dramatized by the person doing the ranking. If DBM wasn’t casting such a wide net, I’d be afraid groups would have more than a little self-interest in exaggerating this kind of ranking system (”Dove Brothers: #1 male quartet for three months running!” … and so on). But with this many groups in the mix, it’s hard to see how it won’t devolve into an elaborate shell-game unveiled once a month. Next up: Top 100 songs with the words “Jesus,” “God,” and “Christ” in them. After that: Top 1,000 sg tunes ever.

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