Here’s an idea

If you wanna make rankings mean something at all (which may be a futile exercise to begin with), why not borrow the college sports model of rankings: every three or six months (monthly is just too much … how much discernible movement is there in sg group-status on a month by month basis?) get a group of reporter types together (bloggers seem like the most obvious analog in sg, since there are no real reporters around) and have them vote for the Top 5 (no more and maybe only three, certainly not something so outrageous as 20) acts in three or four categories (male quartet, mixed group, trio, and soloist, maybe). Including myself, I would suggest the sgm blogger and DBM, of course: two very smart cookies. I think Chuck Peters would be great too, but maybe his radio-manager gig conflicts too much? Sure would be nice to have a female in the mix as well. Ideas? Is this just insane? Am I up too late again?

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