The last to know

I think I may start collecting political insipidity from sg types who have mistaken their popularity for the tired old bully pulpit of politics. Donnie Sumner, alas, has joined the fray. Why on earth anyone would be concerned what Sumner thinks about politics is beyond me, but here you have it, f rom Sumner’s latest newsletter:

Howdy Y’all. I have had numerous emails questioning my political views as to whether I was Dem or a Rep. I consider my views to be a very personal matter and do not wish to express them publicly so I declare myself as a member of the Pan Party … (i.e.-I believe it’s all gonna pan out). I never give my political party. I just simply reply by saying, I THINK WE SHOULD ALL GET BEHIND A BUSH AND NOT GET KERRIED AWAY. Seriously, I pray for whoever is elected at what ever level their office affords that God would grant to them divine wisdom, divine strength and divine creativity in order for HIS plans and purposes to be accomplished … and as Paul Harvey says, “Now you’ve heard the rest of the story.” You have yourself a blest day ACCORDING TO ALL THE PROMISES Keep looking up … there’s a blessing coming down. God bless you and God bless the United States

Your PAN friend, Donnie

Odd how someone holding political views to be so private has so much to say about politics. Donnie Sumner: the last person to know he’s a Republican.

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