Integrity by any other name

Here are some of the entries in the AVFL Re-re-rename Integrity contest.

  • THE MANDRELL BROTHERS (ok, that was sort of a joke from CP, but I think I’ll start calling the group that until they get a real new name for real and permanent and for keeps forever.)
  • VICTORY MESSENGERS (CP’s real entry, which I like the longer I look at it)
  • 4RGED BY FAITH (Forged By Faith as option), which, as SB writes, would signify a contact with Pigeon Forge, but more important, the trials we all must go through in meeting the demands of spiritual life. I like its creativity, but I wonder if the Mandrell Brothers are contemporary enough for this pretty progressive name. Still, it’s got alliteration (like the Talley Trio), geographical allusion (like Gold City), and imagistic significance, so it’s batting nearly a thousand in my long-ago, inaugural explanation of naming dynamics.

Keep ‘em coming. Who knows how many times these guys will name and unname themselves before it’s all over.

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