SN reports Integrity’s new name is TRIUMPHANT. Nevermind that an ad from Integrity in this month’s SN said the new name would be out in January (the accelerated release may or may not have anything to do with potential copyright infringement problem they were allegedly having with their old name). Triumphant? I really wanted to be able to like this new name, whatever it turned out to be, but “triumphant” is just horrendous - vaporous and abstract and, like Integrity, a bit of a non-sequitur (Who said you didn’t have integrity? Who said you were going to fail?). If Integrity was potentially an implied swipe at the practices or habits of some of Triumphant’s old group, the Kingdom Heirs (as in “we have Integrity and you don’t,” which a few of you emailed to suggest), Triumphant just smacks of self-proclamation: We’re Triumphant. I know the official connotation is supposed to be triumphant in Christ, just as Integrity was officially … well, I never heard what the official rationale was for that name. But the point is this: these guys aren’t playing hackey sack at recess nor are they part of a bowling team, so it just sounds silly for a group of grown men in a serious business and ministry to be going around calling themselves Triumphant.

Front man: “We’re Triumphant.”
Heckler: “Yeah, but what’s your name?”

And so on … Maybe all the good names are taken (though if Kirk Talley ever forms his own group, Kirk Talley and the Restorations would be an appropriately clever name, no? Hat tip: SR). But surely the bad names that are left aren’t all this bad, are they? There was supposed to be a naming contest associated with Integrity’s re-christening, but clearly it didn’t manage to rouse much creativity. So let’s have our own post-contest contest. What would YOU have called Integrity? Let me know.

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