Critically speaking: LordSong’s Soul Food

From my new review of LS’s latest project [for the full review, click here]:

What I like about this project’s approach is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I don’t mean that the project is not meticulously executed (it is). Nor do I mean it’s not serious about its ministerial function (very serious). But it’s self-deprecating and humble in humorous and endearing ways: chief among them, the liner notes, which refer to the “funky keyboard part” on “All My Reason” or the way the project was “produced and ’somewhat’ arranged by Kevin Ward.” These little rhetorical notes really work for me because they indicate the way the album intentionally pushes well past the borders of sg and comfortably into the regions of CCM, without forgetting that this border crossing will seem “funky” and “somewhat” off-putting to some of their more traditional fans. “If you don’t’ like the record blame Kevin and LordSong,” the notes say toward the bottom. “If you love the record tell everybody you know.” Put me down as somewhere between those two positions, tending toward the latter, not quite liking it enough to call it love, but deeply responsive to the chords the project strikes.

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