Jerry, Jerry, quite contrary

So it looks like Maurice Templeton and Jerry Kirksey have sent Jerry’s kid Kenneth out to do some cease-and-desist work for the SN against the motley bunch over at AMGS, as musicscribe is reporting. Along with DBM, I’m amused at all this. AMGS would surely lose a fair-use challenge in court for the reasons DBM makes clear, but the real hoot of this is the SN hot shots getting their knickers all knotted up about some totally harmless discussion group. Do Kirksey and Templeton really think the handful of SN articles that have been posted on AMGS is really cutting into SN’s margins, its territory, or its reputation? Honestly. Let us all take a moment and now return to reality, wherein the SN’s margins are, I suspect, astronomically, untouchably high; its territory utterly unchallenged; and its reputation too self-besmirched to suffer at the hands of AMGS chatter. If the SN took half the money and time it takes to bully decentralized, unofficial, and totally toothless newsgroup discussion boards, and put that effort into news- and feature-writing classes for Danny Jones, Barbara Huffman, Kenny, and, most off all, Jerry Kirskey, there’d be no way they’d feel the hyperdefensive need to take milk money from the lower classmen.

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