About those pesky names

I was hoping for some clarification on the whole issue of who exactly is behind the sgblognews before writing about it. But having gotten the runaround from the person answering the sgblognews email when I inquired after the name, here we are. Obviously, you don’t need me to point out how baffling the pseudo-anonymity of the metablogger is. Sgblognews seems to take as its First Principle the apparently unexamined assumption that anonymity = bad always and forever. Ok, fine. Yet the metablogger’s identity? Nowhere to be found on the site. The Supreme Allied Moderator at sogospelnews says the metablogger is not anonymous, that s/he will gladly reveal his/her identity if you email the writer and ask (which I did, though the writer said I get no name unless I give up mine, which is, as I told the person, absurd). And since I smell more than a little connection between sogospelnews and this new blog, I’m taking SAM’s word as reflective of some deeper knowledge about the new blog. So why the bureaucracy in the first place? This may change, I gather, since the runaround email I got also included some cryptic reference to how I should “wait around long enough and you will find out” who the metablogger is. “We are not keeping it a secret.” Really? That whole absence of an author’s name on the site (at least right now) coulda fooled me. If being named is such a big deal (which it IS, to read the metablogger’s posts), why not make the metablogger’s identity as obvious as possible? Clearly, I don’t have much of a dog in this fight (paper sack over my head and all that). But I’m also not staking a great deal of regular critical authority on the belief that anonymity is a credibility killer. For one, I’d prefer the person to remain anonymous, provided s/he stops making such a huge stink about other anonymous bloggers. But barring that, there’s no need to soil an otherwise potentially promising site with this hocus pocus about being sorta of (not) anonymous.

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