Deeper into the worm hole

Deon Unthank just unveiled, a site that I gather is trying to be something of a meta-site for sg-related blogs/news sites. My first response is (like reader JH), why didn’t I think of this? It’s a fine idea, borrowing the underlying concept behind features like’s Today’s Papers - a roundtop of major news developments reported each morning - to position itself as a Switzerlandish meta-commentary on commentary. This gives the metablogger a patina of aloof objectivity: “SGBlogNews will keep you updated on all the news/fan and blog sites.” That’s some pretty admirably clever rhetorical positioning (plus, the site is pithy and … uhm, brief, something this site will never be accused of or blessed with, I fear). Like the FoxNews sham ethos of “we report; you decide,” the metablogger approach immediately imbues the site with a fake aura of above-the-fray authority over the squabbling chattering classes beneath it. Touchette. It’s not that anyone with a right mind should rely on a site like this to decide what is and is not worth reading in sg media and blogs. The brilliant part is that a site like sgblognews exploits the reality of cyberspace: as more sites about an issue/topic/thing you care about spring up, the less able readers are to visit them all individually. A summary-site (or a site that poses as one) becomes more and more attractive as more and more sites like sg blogs pop up (as they have over the last month and a half or so). So until our heads explode, add another site to your list of sg cyberstops. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddling cybermasses, yearning for the days when there were only two sg bloggers …

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