Pseudo-anonymous it is

The metablogger has “identified” itself as owned by Southern Spin, the Unthanks’ promotion company. Is this anonymous or not? Insofar as we don’t know for sure who’s actually doing the writing, then yeah … it’s still anonymous (so welcome aboard!). But inasmuch as the ownership tells you how to take the metabloggers’ “above-the-fray” commentary, then … no, it’s obviously not anonymous. Of course there will still be speculation about who the author is (and there is still a great deal of deeply satisfying irony in the writer’s identity being technically anonymous, given how strident the Unthanks have been and - with a straight face - continue to be about “standing behind what you say”). But the guessing isn’t as fun as it could be since there aren’t THAT many options in the Unthank Empire if you’re looking for someone who writes as well as this person does. One way to narrow the search: Who wants to be the first person to email each Unthank individually and ask him or her point blank: are YOU the metablogger? Or has everyone just stopped caring?Update: So let’s get this right: Chris and Amy Unthank are writing a metablog about sg blogs that in part comments on other blogs that Chris and Amy write for, but does so in a voice that not only writes with more command, clarity and authority than either Chris or Amy has ever demonstrated on their blogs, but also acts as if the metablogger is a third person commenting on two separate people, when in fact it’s just Chris and Amy? Got it? Yeah … me neither. It would all be much simpler if Susan Unthank would just announce whether or not she is ghost-wrting for her kids. Meanwhile, the I’ve-stopped-caring people lead all other comers 3-1.

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