Back on the stump (I of III)

I’ve received a few emails over the past several days from readers getting turned off by the high-octane political rhetoric from sg ifgures, a subject I have written on before. This email, from L5 e-letter subscriber MW (well, a subscriber until “about five minutes ago” anyway) sums up the prevailing feeling:

I received two separate newsletters from Scott Fowler of L5 this morning really jumping on the political bandwagon. As of about five minutes ago I “unsubscribed” to their newsletter. I have always admired Scott and L5 in general but do you think that it’s proper for a southern gospel group to push their political views on others? … Perhaps I need Scott’s advice but for some reason I just have a major problem with SG group’s grandstanding.

I’ve posted the e-letter MW is referring to here. Read it, then come back. …. Done? Good … Ok. Up till this most recent letter, Fowler has at least tried to seem as though he was balancing his own political views with some acknowledgement that his audience may not entirely agree with him or have signed onto being subjected to his political opinions when they subscribed to the L5 e-letter. In an e-letter from Wednesday, Fowler wrote “I am not asking you to vote like I did….I’m just asking you to vote for someone.” Granted, two sentences later he’s pushing a Christian Coalition voter’s guide (which isn’t the place anybody should look who is undecided in this election, just as you probably wouldn’t want to read the ACLU’s voter’s guide until after you had settled on a decision about voting). But at least he was making an effort to appear sorta evenhanded. This forward, however, from the Saddleback outfit really undoes what little goodwill Fowler had built up.

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