On a high-horse - that means me, too, I guess (III of III)

And then along comes Scott Fowler and forwards “Pastor Rick On Politics” to thousands of more folks online. Hard to see how Fowler could really think letters like this are the kind of thing that would come from someone who is “not asking you to vote like I did….I’m just asking you to vote for someone.” I don’t think enough groups consider the MWs of the sg world when they ascend to the high-horse of Moral Authoritarianism. The gospel that sg musicians present and the mystery of Christian faith contained in the music receive their power and force from Protestantism’s insistence on the priesthood of the believer - the individual’s right and authority to approach the Almighty on his or her own behalf. Surely, if this notion means anything at all, it must mean that fans can and should be left to make up their own minds about the political, moral, and social implications of the message in the music.

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