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My post on the Eddie Crook Company gave me a chance to a talk to ECC’s executive vice president, Dave Wilcox, for a while this morning. And in the interest of fairness to ECC, it seems worthwhile to summarize some of Wilcox’s main points for the record.

  • Of the 50 or so artists ECC works with, Wilcox estimates the company only hears from about 15-20 of them more than once a month or so, because different groups have different goals and needs.
  • Wilcox also sees ECC as uniquely structured, unlike and incomparable to any other recording companies in sg. “We’re like a solar system. Some groups are right up next to us that we have our hands on daily; others are farther away.”
  • Out of every hundred artists ECC works with, Wilcox thinks maybe 1 in 100 fail to succeed.

Which, as I said to Wilcox, raises the question of what success is, in ECC’s definition. Success, Wilcox says, is making it: you make if souls are saved, people are blessed and encouraged, if you’re selling product, getting dates, influencing lives, and being invited to churches and singings.

I’m grateful for Wilcox’s time and conversation (and his invitation to lunch with him and Eddie Crook). It’s nice to discover that civil conversations about sensitive, controversial issues are still possible.

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