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So XM radio has finally come to sg. Good. I’m hoping Chuck Peters will jump in here and comment on this development, but until he does, you’re stuck with me and whoever else decides to comment. Aside from the obvious boon this is for sg artists and sg music generally in exposure beyond the fairly narrow confines of the known sg universe, the real news here is that XM sg ups the ante on the sg establishment. Namely, XM sg is one more nail in the coffin of The Old Media Mentality hobbling sg right now. I’ve commented before on the inane refusal within sg to recognize the presence and impact of new media in more than obligatory ways. And the arrival of satellite sg radio ought to point up how badly sg as an industry needs to come to formal, workable, sustainable terms with new media enterprises. In addition to satellite radio, there’s streaming radio online, and downloadable music a la cart (think iTunes here) - with the exception of streaming radio, which is starting to flourish in sg, this is all virgin territory for sg. It’s baffling to me why someone or some group of folks hasn’t put together a concerted, corporate effort to harness the range of new media possibilities for sg music. Baffling, but not surprising. Like mainstream music industries that have dumped all their resources into fighting, thwarting, and resisting the internet and digital-media revolution, sg continues to keep new media at a safe distance. This is, in a word, dumb. Beyond the fact that new media are not all “new” anymore (they’ve been around in big ways in various forms for almost a decade now), e-commerce represents the future of music markets - it will be the way people discover, buy, and stay in touch with their favorite kinds of music and artsts. No, you might not make money right away selling sg online (”what about my CASS-ette player?!”). And, no, sg internet radio may not reach an enormous number of people (though my suspicion is that the sg establishment is wary of internet radio less because it’s unproven and more because it doesn’t fit into the old media categories of market segmentation around which the industry is organized). And no, satellite radio stations won’t replace tower feeds any time soon. But someday you might, it may, and they will. The real innovators and visionaries are (or will be) the people who see not just the potential profits to be had in new media initiatives, but also see the hordes of people and vast swaths of terra incognita that e-delivered sg could reach, touch, and change.

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