Ad blitzed

So I’ve finally seen the new Daywind ad about Mercy’s Mark that’s running in the latest SN, thanks to Susan Puckett from Daywind, who sent me a pdf of the ad itself (since I’m still waiting on my December SN). Along with the pdf, Puckett sent acknowledgment that Daywind did in fact misquote me: the last sentence attributed to me is not anything I’ve ever written on the site, and I don’t write blurbs just for ads. Having had a while to think about this, I’m still not inclined to get overly worked up about it. It is very disappointing to be misquoted, as I told Puckett. But as misquotes go, this one is pretty tame. I guess I’d be more upset if I had been misquoted as saying something like “I hate Mom and Apple Pie.” As it is, though, I do think MM’s project is among the best I own, as I was misquoted saying, even though I never said that. So I’m willing to call it all an honest mistake. And yes, I realize that when he’s back from his Festival of Andy Griffith and Grilled Cheese, DBM will perhaps tisk-tisk me for not taking more humbrage. But this is a risk I’m willing to take.

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