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To be on the NQC advisory board, you must commit to being at NQC all six days of the convention. In Ernie Haase’s case (which I mentioned in a post yesterday), having decided he wasn’t going to be at the convention the entire week, he had to resign his position on the advisory board, thus creating the opening that, more than likely, Stacey Murphy of the Journeyman Quartet was just named to.

Several of you have written to ask what I meant by saying Haase’s decision to limit SSQ’s NQC appearance was “gutsy.” First, what I didn’t mean was that it was necessarily a bad move to diminish his NQC presence. He’s clearly been cultivating more connections with Gaither (not least of all, those Gaither ads repeatedly comparing SSQ to the Cats), which - along with the reduced NQC appearances and the split with Russ Farrar - suggests that EH has adopted the Gaither model of career development that de-emphasizes traditional sg events and methods. Especially if EH has aspirations of crossover success in the inspo market (and having just taken a brief iTunes spin through SSQ’s new holiday project, I certainly think this seems more than a little likely), then his decision makes perfect sense. But all that being said, it is still gutsy for such a young group (actively pitching itself as a traditional sg act in many ways) to consciously reduce the time it spends at NQC, which is still the biggest game in town in sg.

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