Exalted Thanksgiving

So if you’re looking for something to watch other than football, the dogshow, or whatever crap movie is showing on Lifetime this Thanksgiving weekend, check out TBN’s Exalting Him talent search … basically American Idol for gospel music (broadly considered). I caught the tail-end of tonight’s performance as I was about halfway through the process of burning a chocolate-pecan pie, but Gary Chapman and Joyce Martin seemed to be doing a fine job anchoring the show (the judges, on the other hand, thoroughly underwhelmed me - “You really got the crowd into it” and “My Gawd My Gawd My Gawd … JEEEzuz” was passing for insightful feedback - but maybe they were having a bad night). Anyway, check it out. Let me know what you think. It certainly does seem like a format that sg should consider pilfering, given how badly the NQC talent contest needs a makeover

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