Tony, Tony, Tony

Tony Peace’s departure from PSQ comes into clearer focus with some background from a new correspondent to the site. I’ve commented a few times in the past about the various rhetorical poses that Peace and PSQ struck about his resignation, wondering what to make of PSQ’s comment about not having sought a personnel change when taken in the context of Peace’s abrupt exit (in addition to being part owner of the group, he had been elected the group’s manager two years ago by the members of PSQ at that time). Now comes word that Peace decided to pack it up with PSQ after his request/demand to be sole owner of the group was not well received among the rest of the group’s part owners (he wasn’t offering to buy anyone out; rather, he wanted the other owners to give him their rights - for free). When the other business partners refused to hand over their ownership rights, Peace resigned, voluntarily forfeited his ownership rights, and walked away. It’s not at all clear to me (or my correspondent friend) what exactly was behind Peace’s rather unexpected attempt to gain full ownership. Could be, since he had been sole manager and maybe in his mind acting like the sole owner, he thought he deserved the financial perks of full ownership (assuming PSQ was a money-making operation). Which suggests he might have gotten himself into a game of brinkmanship and lost, essentially trying to bluff the rest of the boys into ceding their ownership rights. Depending on how complete his managerial control was, he may have thought the other members would give up ownership to retain Peace’s management expertise rather than let him walk and force them to learn/absorb those administrative duties … obviously, we know which option the PSQers took. No matter, it does seem like he did the right thing by resigning, given how unpleasant and difficult it no doubt would have been for Peace to work with guys whose ownership rights he had just asked to be given for free. All of which makes me wonder why Peace is looking for gigs with existing quartets rather than starting his own group. It seems unlikely he’ll find a baritone position open that comes with full group ownership as an option.

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