That’s the decision from sgblognews about this site. I’ll no longer be commented upon or linked to from the Unthanks’ blog aggregator. I’m disappointed, insofar as the site has generated some traffic for mine. But I won’t miss the chronic misreadings, the daily hysterics, and general juvenilia that have hobbled the site almost since its inception. It’s interesting that the Tony Peace stuff was the breaking point for the Unthank kids. The sogospelnews boards, among other sites, buzzed with genuine concern and interest over what led to Peace’s resignation, and if the sg press corps(e) had a fraction of the tenacity of most industry media, this story would have been out there from the beginning and probably more fully reported than the bits I’ve managed to suss out. What’s most baffling, though, is the assumption that anybody who values readership will print just anything that comes across his desk. I’ve written before about the use of anonymous sources and reporting and I stand by that statement. As I wrote then, “in a more perfect world, I would much rather not use anonymous sourcing. But we’re not anywhere near that more perfect work (yet), so if I have a choice between getting the truth out there or saying nothing at all, I’m going to go for the truth every time.” I might add here that when credible people with credible information come forward and are willing to talk, I’m going to listen, do the best I can to determine the merit and truth of what they say, and proceed accordingly. There’s always the risk that I’m being taken or used by someone with an agenda, but the alternative is that sg continues to trundle along in its creaking old bus, where full(er) disclosure takes a back seat to whatever entrenched interest or power happens to hold the most sway. Tony Peace was instrumental in PSQ’s resurrection from an also-ran outfit to a first-class quartet on a serious rise. Given the centrality of his role in the group’s recent development, his resignation as part owner and sole manager very legitimately makes some of the particulars of his departure worthy of an inquiry somewhat deeper than the press releases from each party (and I stress some, because there’s a lot more that simply doesn’t bear getting into and is thoroughly irrelevant). I’ve also developed a pretty obvious habit of listening to and writing about the other sides of issues. Perhaps there’s a misconception out there that I go looking for some of the controversial stuff that comes way. But while blogging is a mixture of many modes - diary, performance, investigation, debate, soliloquy, and, yes, reporting among them - I simply don’t have the resources or time to do enterprise reporting. Thus when I decide to use something that shows up in my inbox, I do my best to verify what I’ve got and make a commitment to follow it through, since sometimes initial posts flush out additional stuff. It’s one important test, I think, of the sustainability of this model that readership continues to grow and all kinds of people in positions to know and/or talk about current sg events, news, issues, and ideas continue to participate in the dialogue that’s developing on and through this site.

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