May the Dove Awards fly up your nose

Second, as to the Dove Awards themselves. Award selections are made based upon GMA membership and how that membership votes. If you don’t like those votes, work to change it. That is, dial back the pity-party, John, pay your 75 bucks and vote. Then you’ll have your chance to reverse the rot of the Dove Awards (and in turn you’ll sound less like a myopic whiner and more like an honest voice of engaged criticism). As a good friend of mine reminded me recently, sg has an enormous chip on its shoulder about so many things (mostly having to do with the relative smallness of sg as a music market compared to other Christian music genres) that too many sg artists, bigwigs, stringpullers and hotshots are defeating their own purposes by attacking groups like the GMA that ought to be sg’s most natural ally. To its credit, the GMA has tried to attract more sg members and voters, but the GMA was so verbally assaulted at NQC they had to stop renting booth space (they still attend EVERY year and are at EVERY southern gospel event of any magnitude - I hear the entire staff of the GMA was at the Harmony Awards the other night). One could forgive GMA for pulling up stakes and never gracing another sg event with their presence given the response from sg, but impressively, the GMA persists despite hostilities. I’ve heard nauseating reports that GMA employees have been verbally assaulted at sg events. On top of that, NQC won’t sell GMA ads in the NQC program book, nor will the SN sell them ads. So… let’s see … We won’t join them or let them join us, but we can blame them for STEALING our awards show? Uhm, ok. And the sky is green and the grass is blue.

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