About SN online, in two parts

Part I: so it looks like the SN may be tip-toeing into the first tepid waters of something like an sg news syndicate with its new feature, sgwire - according to the SN, the place “where you will find the latest press releases in Southern Gospel hot off the wire.” Right now it’s just a collection of PR, but with a little more investment of time in rewrites and marketing, this could function somewhat similar to the news service I described a while back in this post. That said, it’s unclear to me why the SN decided to split off press releases into a separate page from the in-house blurbs. Given the SN’s vicious territoriality about its content, I suppose the logic here is to better “brand” SN’s original “reporting,” but couldn’t that be accomplished without requiring people to go to two separate pages to get the news they used to be able to get from one page? And while we’re on the subject of navigability: couldn’t the SN put unique tags on its items so they could be deep linked to (I know I’m not one to talk much about this, since it took me forever to get deep links on my posts, but still …)? No matter, the practical effect of sgwire is to highlight how the SN’s original reports or “special releases” coalesce almost exclusively around illness, broken bones, and surgeries.Part II: I see Ken Kirksey has started taking advantage of amazon.com’s associate plan, by which he gets some percentage of the sales that he drives to amazon with links to books they sell there. Smart fella, that Double K.

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