And the award for the worst sentence of the day goes to …

APRIL POTTER. From a press release on SN’s sgwire about a “new arm of ministry” at the April Pottery Agency (an item I can’t link to specifically because, of course, SN won’t put deep links on its items). This is Potter speaking: “I want to help set goals and help them work toward achieving them as well as any potential problem areas and work on ways to work through them.” Uhm, … ok … Yes, just so. And I promise all my press releases for your group will be written just as well as this one. Seriously though, I guess this puts me in the Tony Rush school of thought about coherence in public discourse. I do concede that George W. Bush has done more than any one person I can think of to lower the standard for public speaking generally, but it’s still somewhat stupefying to me that no one along the line (including Potter herself) stopped and asked Potter: do you really want to write this (and I assume it’s a “quote” written especially for this occasion … it’s difficult to imagine anyone actually SAYING this kind of sentence in everyday speech)?

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