Wax and wane

As sgmblogger noted, McCray Dove oddly pulled all content from his blog but left the site’s skeleton flapping in the cyberwind (sort out that mixed metaphor and you ought to win the last gmail account sgmblogger is giving away over there). I guess I also hope that Dove returns in some fashion, given my interest in a thoroughgoing conversation. But if he does return to his blog, I hope he trades his rhetorical shotgun in for a more finely calibrated approach. As anyone who has read or written a semi-regular web journal knows (and sgm pointed out), not only is it sometimes difficult to come up with something halfway compelling to say (especially when you’re writing about a topic like sg, which is fairly circumscribed in comparison to, say, politics or culture or the media). More than that, it’s often difficult to write coherently, to think through the trajectory of a claim and the arc of a narrative and make it all cohere even in some loose fashion. Perhaps this accounts for the falling away among some of my blog brethren and sistren. The sogospeltruth blog, of course, flared up and out rather quickly a while back. Miss Elanious and Biblio’s blog haven’t either one resurfaced in over two months (maybe regular message-board poster John R. ought to offer to fill in for either one or both of these two … take a look at this post, which is pretty representative of his writing, and you’ll probably see the bloggish tendencies of his prose). The blagher recently all but confessed a disinclination for blaghing. DBM took a hiatus that wasn’t officially related to any qualms he had with blogging, but upon his return he promptly announced a retooled format that will try to be “useful and informative” by, strangely enough, “generally avoid[ing] current news and personal opinions” (”next up on musicscribe blog: how to plug your bass guitar in without making the monitor squeal and squelch”). And if you’ve been trying to take sgblognews up on its offer to “grab your coffee, sit down and start your day with SGBlogNews!” … well, it’s been just you and your coffee for several days now. Probably that’s just a holiday slump that will be corrected soon, but I also can’t help but notice the Unthanks have stopped offering their usual bon mots after each post. So it seems the sg blogosphere is going through some pretty predictable contraction all around after its rather unsustainable expansion back in the fall. And now, begin humming the Byrds, “Turn, Turn!” softly to yourselves.

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