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By now, you’ve probably already gathered that I feel strongly about how central the reform of radio is to sg’s future. And I’ve tried to move my remarks in the direction of ideas for action and not just critique. And I am serious about the call for renovation in the way the SN chart is structured and operates. For instance, if only 15 sg radio stations in the top 100 markets are covered by a system that monitors airplay, as Ken Kirksey claims, then restrict the chart to those 15 stations. This would achieve a coupla things. In the short term, it would yield in accuracy of survey reporting for the chart what it would cost in volume of stations surveyed. In the long term, it would show stations that the industry is serious about serious reform. Translation: stations won’t have any incentive to change the way they do business until someone gives them a reason to change. And if the SN insists on continuing with its chart as it is currently configured, which I assume they will, here’s another way to incentivize change. The SN could hire an intern to record a station for a month (at least the ones that stream online) and compare the data collected to that station’s chart survey. The first time a discrepancy arises between the report and the intern’s record, that station loses its status as a reporter for a year or two. Heck, start a running list of offenders and post it online. Sounds like an ancient idea, I know, but something has to be done to at least put the fear of God back into the stations who have made it standard operating procedure to trump up their chart reports. ASCAP has used this fear-of-God method to great effect before. They have in the past sent people out to a town with several different recorders set to several different stations and compiled data. I know the SN can’t afford to do something on that broad of a scale, but they can at least threaten to. And if your intern just catches one or two stations in the act, the SN could make a big stink out it (and everyone knows how thoroughly the SN enjoys making a good sanctimonious stick about something). I bet you’ll see a sudden spike in honesty. Because these stations like being chart reporters. They get scads of special attention from artists, promoters and record companies, not to mention gifts. Any threat to that status will perk them right up.

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