So Pamela Furr, that intermittent provocateur of steel over at the sogospelnews message boards, daylights as a radio talkshow host at WMAY 970 a.m. in Springfield, Ill. For a while now, she’s put out a daily (except when it isn’t) newsletter via listserv to (mostly) other deejays. The newsletter is called Pamela Furr’s Southern Gospel ShowPrep. And with the new year, Pamela Furr (I never hear her referred to as anything other than both names at once in that order) has given her ShowPrep a jolt of new life after spending some time “reevaluating” the daily missive. “I think this past year I have lost focus of what this service was about,” she writes in her January 3 edition. And the purpose is, according to the newsletter’s subtitle, “keep[ing] your radio program fresh and exciting.” Anyway, the ShowPrep is a really valuable and, in my experience reading it (somewhat surreptitiously), often pretty interesting read. Not least of all because Pamela Furr understands the entertainment aspect of sg. Consider this, also from the January 3 edition:

Fans don’t care about what record label so-and-so just signed with. They do, however, love to hear the story of how so-and-so (insert favorite artist name there) forgot to brush their teeth before meeting with the head honcho at the new label … and constantly turned his head so the head honcho wouldn’t smell his breath. Fans are interested to hear that (insert favorite artist name here) dug ditches before hitting the road with BIG NAME QUARTET.

Plus, she’s pretty hilariously irreverent, which thoroughly endears her to me:

If you’ve got a funny story to tell, send it. Maybe your radio station hosted a concert and you’ve got tidbits to tell. SEND IT TO ME. And artists who get copies of this - please send your information. Even if it’s a quick email to say - Mama’s pregnant again … THAT’S COOL. Send it on. :) (hopefully that email won’t be coming from Jason Crabb about Kathy….)

Great stuff. Anyway, I’ve written before about my regard for Pamela Furr’s tenacity, so I’m thrilled to see she’s recommitting to the daily work of helping pep (and prep) up sg radio. God and every radio listener out there know how badly sg airwaves need help.

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