A catered affair

Guess who it looks like will be on the cover of the February SN? That’s right, the Galloways. To be honest, it’s hard to see how the Galloways’ sincere but middling successes give them the prominence that ought to be (but isn’t necessarily) associated with an SN cover. BSA, the G’s promoter, mortgages its overblown claim about the Galloways’ “tremendous” success to a handful of radio “hits” that, according to BSA’s list, never rose above No. 8 and often remained scores of spots below No. 1. As I made clear here a while back - and as Nick Bruno agreed with more or less in his most recent piece - radio “hits” are essentially meaningless on their own and can be downright misleading as indicators of anything other than how successful a radio promoter’s arts of suasion are on malleable deejays and station managers. But no matter. The Galloways did cater a Steeles release party and the Perrys No. 1 party (with Tony Gore), and Jerry Kirksey does seem to highly value the intersection of sg and food. So maybe he’s giving cover stories to caterers now, too.

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