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SGMblogger mused recently about all the guff and flack aimed at a handful of sg bloggers (well, ok mostly me). I was reminded of his remarks when I stumbled on this post from Kevin Drum, who is the main blogger for Washington Monthly. Drum speculates about the possibility that free websites like the New York Times and the Washington Post might in the reasonably near future convert to pay-go models like most magazines and the Wall Street Journal have adopted for accessing content online. As Drum notes, pay-go news sites would essentially end blogging as a daily form of online discourse. The source material for a great deal of what bloggers write about, after all, comes from daily news outlets and other free content providers online. Obviously this is true at least in some substantial part on this site. And for better or worse, we have models of what blogging looks like in absnece of engagement with current news. Among the sg bloggers who locked themselves in the echo chamber of their own solitude (that is, those who have sworn off writing about current events, other blogs, or anything else that doesn’t spring wholly formed from their own mind), well … the echo-chamber approach effectively marginalizes them to all but obsolescence. I like CP’s sg radio review, as I’ve said before, and the first two posts of DBM’s new utility driven model of blogging were indeed utilitarian, but both CP’s and DBM’s more regular (and often more meaningful and enjoyable) contributions come when they are commenting on the message boards about the very current events, gossip, developments, and general everyday stuff that they have oddly sworn off on their blogs (I can’t seem to find the message board post in which CP articulated his position on blogging; if anyway knows where it is, lemme know, though it may have been on one of the comments threads behind an sgblognews post about this site that has been deleted … I’m just not sure). So point is, if SGN or SN or whomever wants to really put the smackdown on its blogging detractors, just erect a pay-go fence around the online content to keep out the riffraff like me. And I guess just nevermind that (in sg at least) if you build it, all but the most devoted people probably won’t come around anymore.

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