Dress like you mean it

Reader JT wrote with this interesting note yesterday:

I had an opportunity yesterday to attend a concert organized by Bill and Gloria Gaither in honor of Indiana’s new governor, Mitch Daniels, who is reportedly a friend of Gaither’s. The GVB closed the program, and I noticed they all wore suits and ties. It was undoubtedly out of respect for the governor, and I thought proper attire. I only wonder why they don’t respect the majority of their audiences to the same degree. If a governor-elect deserves a suit, why doesn’t the audience at NQC?

First of all and apropos of gubernatorial attire, check out the satrtorial judgment of the wife of Missouri’s news governor. What on earth was she thinking? As to the Indiana affair … JT’s is a fair question, though I guess I’d also want to quibble with the assumption that Gaither and GVB only wear suits when they feel like the audience deserves it. My own sense is that NQC is bidness for GVB, whereas the gubernatorial gig was a personal favor, more or less. In the bidness situation, GVB’s first commitment will be to its image, its brand, and the way it wishes to manage expectations of fans - including expectations about style and appearance. In the case of a personal favor, I suspect the boys donned suits and ties out of deference to the setting, which was not primarily an entertainment venue from a business perspective (though I’m sure Gaither made some money) but a political gala in honor of Daniels’ inauguration. And remember, the fans at NQC are not the ones insisting on the conservative attire and appearance. And if the NQC board told me I had to wear a suit and cut my hair and shave or whatever else in order to appear on the mainstage, I’d probably get bullheaded and uncooperative and resistant about it too. So there’s bidness first, and human nature second.

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