SSQ in concert

A note from reader FK, who attended an SSQ concert a bit ago and whose opinion I deeply respect:

What a refreshing concert!! I haven’t been so entertained in a very long time. It’s nice to go and see a southern gospel group that obviously practices on a regular basis and isn’t afraid to stake a claim to some individuality. Plus, they’re all in shape, they dress to kill, tan regularly and look like stars. I like that. It’s been a while since we’ve had any glamour in this industry and I think it’s about time someone brought it back. Not one of their jokes had I ever heard before (a definite southern gospel first) and their piano player’s dry wit is wonderful! Vocally, they are definitely exceptional - the weak link is Ernie, whose voice is one of those love-it-or-hate-it kinds, but his pitch is shaky at times. But, he makes up for it with his power and range … and the audiences love him. I kept waiting for the overpowering stacks that people talk about and honestly could never tell for sure if they were using them or not - AND there was no major drop-off when they were doing a capella or piano-only songs.

I haven’t heard them since NQC, and I don’t think 25 minutes at NQC probably does their brand of music much justice. It takes a while, I imagine, for SSQ’s high-octane approach to produce substance as well as heat. At NQC they look like all flash in the pan and not much else, though that 30-year-old Gaither tune they’re doing (the one I always mistake for “Redemption Draweth Nigh”) came off quite well in Louisville. Anyway, maybe running this letter will win me some points with a few of those SSQ fans out there who love to tell me all the ways I’m a fool. Now if I could just get the Integri-phants to come ’round my way … I guess if that’s my objective, I shouldn’t mention a certain high-profile soloist whose recent newsletter contained this little chuckler: “Make your plans now to be in Maryville Tenn on Feb 5th. I will be at the Maryville college, along with the Whisnants, and Triumph (formerly Integrity Quartet).” I guess he got the memo, but it was cut off. Anyway, many thanks to FK for the note.

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  1. Lindsay Roberts wrote:

    Entertained…….that’s the key word!! If I want to be entertained, I go to a movie or a sporting event. I listen to SG to receive a blessing from the words of the song….not to watch someone dance around like they have ants in their pants and dress like the Keystone Kops!!

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