Who knows

Prognosticating is a risky business. Witness the Brad Hudson Idol appearance. As the show nears I hear more and more wildly contradictory accounts of how far he goes. I’m still putting more stock in the “goes further” tips than the “gone after two shows” bits I’m hearing here and there (another one just came in today). But Idol is this week so we’ll see. Anyway, as the new Idol nears, it seems more and more obvious to me that someone needs to revamp gospel music’s rip-off of Idol, Exalting Him, and turn it into something more watchable. Because done right, shouldn’t it be a pretty captivating affair? SG alone is full of fascinating and compelling narratives of someone wanting desperately to sing and doing all kinds of things (many of them discussable on television) to realize their dream. And there are ample personalities to tap as judges and hosts (Joyce Martin and Gary Chapman seemed to do fine when I saw them, but the existing format needs a judge overhaul and reduction program). But as long as TBN has ahold of the thing, it’ll probably languish in their decidedly uncreative hands. Unless of course you think the solution to every problem is MORE MAKEUP! BIGGER WIGS! ADD SEQUINS! NOT ENOUGH GOLD LAMÉ! SPRAY MORE PRECIOUS METALS PAINT ON IT! THE CHAIRS ARE TOO SMALL!

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