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So the Unthanks, owners of sogospelnews.com, have started a sg history website, www.sgmhistory.com. I’ve only just had a cursory look at the site recently and haven’t spent any substantive amount of time reading it. Thus I’ll reserve serious comment for later. But on the face of it, sgmhistory, like sgblognews, is a smart idea. Of course in the case of sgblognews, the intelligence of the initial idea has certainly been no guarantee of day-to-day quality, so we’ll see how sgmhistory develops. But no matter … take a look for yourself. You’ll be among the first to see it. Even though the hit counter says the site has been around since at least before October 17, 2004, the home page had only been hit 859 times when I was over there earlier today. I plan to take a spin around the site and have more to say later. Meanwhile, let me know what you think.

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