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Ever since I read this explanation of what sg “is,” I’ve been thinking about the precise definition of the genre, indeed asking myself if definitional precision is even possible(you’ll perhaps recall way back when that I vaguely suggested sg is generically marked primarily by its hybridity, though I did suggest an irreducible core whose precise nature I conveniently punted on and declined to describe). At the moment, I’m still not prepared to say more about it, but in the meantime, I’m hoping you’ll get in the mix and take a stab at defining sg …. in 50 words or less (that’s actually pretty generous as definitions go). I’m not against the humorous or parodic either. Just please, let’s have at least a handful of serious respondents if we can. And, for you sticklers, dissenters, and non-conformists out there who take umbrage with the premise of the question and deny the possibility of a definition, explain why you think definition is not possible (citation of existing [that is, published] definitions, either for purposes of argument or agreement, is also welcome). Discuss.

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