But who are they?

And how’d they get an invitation to sing at the inaugural? That’s what several people have been asking all day about Young Harmony’s appearance at the Bush Bash this morning. Answer: I don’t have a clue. Obviously, somebody’s got connections. There are some pretty powerful political connections threaded throughout sg, and possibly Lamon Records, YH’s label*. But that’s just my speculation and it could well be worthless. I’m really as baffled as everyone else. From what I gather on their website, YH does mostly weekend dates and is a peripheral player within the industry. Clearly, though, they caught someone’s ear. From the sounds of their downloadable audio files, the inaugural folks could have done worse when they picked YH, but then again they could have done better too. Or maybe YH caught someone’s eye. A young, white, middle class, Bible Belt couple (literally) preaching and embodying the faith-based values that the Bush II administration foregrounds … there’s some logic to that, I suppose.*An earlier version of this post misstated the name of YH’s label.

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