Hendrix redux

My post on Rick Hendrix gave me a chance to a talk to Hendrix for a long while last night. And in the interest of fairness to him, it seems worthwhile to summarize some of Hendrix’s main points for the record.

  • Hendrix does a lot of work for sg and other artists who solicit his promotional services because of the radio contacts he has.
  • Non-sg artists whose work has potential cross-over appeal to gospel or other Christian radio markets have an interest in working with radio promoters with knowledge, experience, and contacts in those Christian and gospel markets, since big secular labels don’t tend to pay much attention to demographics outside its typical audience.
  • Hendrix has promoted his fair share of songs to chart positions, in the past and recently - songs you’d probably immediately recognize and like (many of them at or near the top of the charts).
  • Radio promotion, Hendrix feels, is part of a calling in music to him, something he has continued to work in despite having experienced what he described as vindictive and personally motivated attacks on his business and his character.

It’s always informative and helpful to have these kinds of conversations. This particular one was fascinating and provoked all kind of thoughts and insights for me, at least, that went well beyond the scope of our discussion.

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