Help me out if you can

Years ago, maybe 10-15, I was in a beat up Ford Tempo trundling down some backroad in southeast Missouri and a friend popped a mutilated looking cassette tape in and told me to listen. It included an ending that I vividly recall even now: “He is to meeeeeeeee … he is toooooooo me. He is more precious than gold.” I think/thought it was the Perrys. It was, I can almost swear, live. I am, of course, prepared to be wrong about everything I remember other than those lyrics and the sound, which are seared in my mind. So anybody got any idea what I’m talking about and on what project I could find it?

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  1. Donna Ikner wrote:

    The song you are looking for is by the Greenes. It was published in 1987 I think.

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