I frankly expected a lot more from Stamps Baxter’s new website than this. Considering it took them this long to decide to actually pay for their own domain name and have a site designed, you’d a thought it would consist of more than four fairly anemic pages of information (moral of this story: procastinating sometimes only raises expectations for the final product). Very little of the school’s institutional stature within sg, its history, or legacy come out in this website. How bout some testimonials from prominent names and faces who have attended SB? How bout some glowing reviews from bright-eyed graduates eager to be the next American Idol … er, I mean, NQC Talent Contest winner? Is it really safe to rest on your laurels the way the school seems to be doing on this site? From Ben Speer, one of the most all-around talented guys in southern gospel, I’d have hoped for more.

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