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Alert reader MW noticed this letter from a recent batch and wrote thusly:

Wow, I have just been strolling through the latest letters and am still amazed at the letter from your reader about the Crabbs [possibly] going over to CCM or country because they don’t make any money in SG music. Just go to their photo page and look at the “moving to Nashville” pics and see the very elaborate homes under construction for almost all of the group members. Then in another group of pictures there is one titled “One of the Crabb’s buses”. It has a giant mural painted on the side advertising them as well a giant size pictures of all the group members painted on it. Considering all of this it is hard to convince me that they are not making any money in SG music.

So I had a look at what MW was talking about, and while the houses didn’t seem that palatial to me (in fact some of them were downright modest), they all are obviously new, and with a new one for each couple in the family … well, you do the math. Even if the homes (and fine automobiles) in those pictures were/are modestly priced, there has to be a decent amount of money involved. I suppose, economies of scale might suggest the purchasing power of a family the size of the Crabbs’ could well result in cost savings (buy in bulk, baby!), but still … I’m mostly with MW on this one. Not that I begrudge the Crabbs their financial success; I’d certainly rather see folks enjoy their new money than horde and fuss over it. But if the Crabbs do move toward other genres (and for the record, the only statement they have made about the possible move insisted the family’s first commitment is to “singing songs that lyrically reflect who we are as Christians”), it’s hard to see how it could be for money (not the same thing as more money), since from all appearances (and of course appearances are vastly important in sg as in any other entertainment industry, whether you want to admit it or not), the Crabbs aren’t doing too shabbily right now (like I said, good for them). And if they are hard up, they sure do know how to hide it well.

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