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On December 14, 2004, the SN printed a story online about Jerry Kirksey having signed a contract with Woodland Gospel Publishing to write a history of the magazine to be published later this year. Ok. Now fast-forward to today and this press release posted on the SG Wire, which states that Woodland Gospel Publishing has announced that Mike Collins will be writing a history of the SN due out later this year. Huh? Are there going to be two “handsome hardbound” books about SN coming out this year (nevermind the dubious proposition of researching and writing a proper history of any 36-year-old publication in less than a year)? Or is Collins now going to write the book that Kirksey was originally slated to pen? If so, were we just supposed to not notice that they already made a big to-do about Kirksey’s book deal? And if Kirksey is no longer to author a/the book, what happened?Update: Ah yes … more press release doublespeak … as TT and DD note, Kirksey was signed “to document” the SN’s history, which is not of course the same technical thing as writing it. Still, it feels like that first press release was exploiting the difference between the technical definition of “document” (to research) and the more informal, everyday usage it receives in the vernacular (to write, … as in “he’s going to document his life”). Let’s hope the book is written more clearly than the PR about it.

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