Plan B

Ok. So I’m really jonesin’ for a copy of the Greene’s 10th Anniversary Live project. I’ve called the Greenes office and emailed their webmaster … no luck. So plan B. Let’s make a deal. Who has a copy and is willing to offload it?

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  1. Ron F wrote:

    Hey Plan B have you found that 10th anniversary Greenes album yet?

  2. Daren Adams wrote:

    I have that CD you want of the Greenes 10th Anniversary Live, let me know what you need.

  3. Niki Barwick wrote:

    I contacted the greenes about the same album and Taranda said that they no longer produced the older music and they were not available in CD anyway. I want one! So, if there is one somewhere else let me know!There are short clips of some of the songs on that album on UTUBE.

  4. Robin Privette wrote:

    Can any of you help me get a copy of this CD? I’ve been searching for it for a Christmas gift for my husband with no luck. Any info would be appriciated!

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