I don’t have a lot to add to the discussion about the Dove awards over at sogo. Good to see so many sg nominations in different categories, especially rewarding to see the Perrys up for so much, odd that Gaither videos get so little attention from GMA, predictable that the Crabbs are all over a number of categories, Young Harmony’s is indeed a baffling nomination (somebody has a lot of GMA subscriber-friends, clearly). I do think, in the context of GMA’s stormy relationship with sg, this nominations list is a sign of a progress. And not least of all because I’ve grown weary of too many assumptions that Rodney Griffin is the gold standard of sg creativity, the Dove nominations remind me of one other thing that shouldn’t go without amplification: Joel Lindsey’s and Wayne Haun’s work. Obviously, there’s their nomination for the Perry’s two songs. Additionally, there’s Lindsey’s outstanding musical, Emmanuel, which is Brentwood-Benson’s bestselling musical ever. And Haun is pretty clearly the obvious frontrunner to be the Lari Goss of his generation. Talent like Lindsey’s and Haun’s could easily scrap working in gospel and Christian music and go elsewhere, and they probably stay less because of and more despite the creative climate in sg these days. They are among the finest writing and production talent around and though I don’t like every song they write or every measure Haun’s ever produced, it’s important to acknowledge the inimitability of their contributions.

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