‘Scuse me whilst tip-toe round this elephant

Danny Jones serves up a hoot of a blog entry today. Poor ole Danny, just can’t figger out why folks think the SN might know something about the goings-on of the NQC. Baffled by it all, Danny declares with amazement: “I’ve found that many people just assume that Singing News and the NQC are one in the same.”

Every year, when we’re in Louisville at the convention, there’s probably at least 150 people who’ll come by the booth during the week [ask us why so-and-so isn’t on the schedule]. Or, they’ll want to register a complaint, give a compliment or whatever. Sometimes we think someone has hung an “Information Here” sign above our booth. … I guess for the very nature of some people’s perceptions, [the SN and NQC] are linked together.

Well, Danny, I’ve got a pretty good idea why people think the two organizations are in cahoots. The owner of the SN, Maurice Templeton, is on the NQC board of freakin’ directors. Jones evinces no suspicion whatsoever that Templeton’s official connection to both organizations might have something to do with the perception of a linkage. That this hasn’t occurred to Jones is either 1)implausible, given that Jones is a pretty smart fella and has been around long enough to know better or 2) kinda disturbing, for the same reasons. Look, I don’t think any serious person believes that Templeton phones in a daily diktat of SN marching orders. But it’s also understandable for people to think that Templeton’s influence and prominence in both organizations might exert a determinative force on the SN. The least Jones could do is acknowledge that, or could he not?

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