The first shall be last

Several of you have written in apropos the Waller/SGMA discussion to note that Charlie Waller’s was actually the first major reunion event back in the 1990s before Gaither and, so the story goes, Gaither got the idea for the Homecoming tour from attending one of those early Waller events. If I recall correctly, this lore is slightly at odds with the official suggestion on the very first homecoming video (the one with the black and purple cover and the cartoon image of the bus on it … I don’t recall the name … I have it some where in a box in a closet but I’m far too lazy to go find it). On that video, I seem to remember Gaither describing the genesis of the series as the mere happenstance of a bunch of old folks in the same studio together … and Larry Gatlin, I think. Not that there’s necessarily any discrepancy in the two accounts. Just the general difference between public and private truths. After all, if Gaither did get his idea from Waller, there’s not much bloody chance he would’ve gone around telling folks about it. At any rate, Charlie Waller has one of the best stories around now about the one that got away.

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