Crabby, right on schedule

It’s always fun to watch people come late to a party and then start picking fights to distract from their tardiness. Thus Chris Nongratis does his Unthankable best to discredit my earlier post on the Crabbs deal with Creative Trust. But I’m standing by what I said earlier: Creative Trust Management is not a label, and the company does have distribution connections with a major music network (maybe EMI, I speculated earlier … or maybe not as it turns out). This is hardly the stuff of controversy, but then again if my family’s music “news” organization was among the last to know about something like this, I’d probably try to manufacture some phony hubbub, too. No matter, the fact remains that sogospelnews has studiously avoided acting like a news organization throughout the evolution of this story (though this, alas, is not news). First, they unreported the news when the obviously true chatter first surfaced about the Crabbs signing with a bigtime music outfit. Instead, sogo chose to carry the Crabbs’ PR water for them. And in the end, the “news” people still got beat to the punch, not just by me but on their own message board (hint: look at the time stamps here, here, and here … at least as of 6 p.m. CST, they were, respectively 10:26 a.m., 1:01 p.m., and 4:09 p.m.). Or maybe they were just fashionably late.

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