Smart like a Crabb

Thanks to watchful reader SL for this link to a recent 700 Club profile on the Crabbs (gist: the Crabbs don’t do this for the money). This comes right close after another appearance on TBN last week and their several Dove nominations. There’s no evidence that the announcement about the Creative Trust deal was planned to coincide with these other things, but also no reason to think it wasn’t. After all, it’s a pretty intelligent orchestration … having your face on a prominent Christian television station, your name in the Christian press and your life glowingly profiled by a Christian media giant … that’s a pretty fine climate in which to announce that … oh … by the way, we’re signing with a CCM agency. Pamela Furr raised the potential in this message-board thread that the Crabbs may be perceived as having violated an unofficial but cardinal rule in sg: “you dance with them what brung ya.” I guess it’s possible that sg fans might feel jilted or betrayed or traded upon, since the Crabbs’ rise thus far is due in no small part to sg sales. But I’d be surprised if much of anything negative comes of this. First, the Crabbs have been steadily widening the arc of their professional orbit for a while now. Rather than a breaking away from anything, this deal with Creative is probably better understood as the next logical phase in their development and expansion. Second, I don’t think very many average fans pay attention to or care about what is essentially insider arcana. And those who do follow the music business this closely are, I suspect, more interested in music and less interested in defending somewhat artificial notions of generic territoriality between CCM, sg, inspo, praise and worship, country, black gospel and whatever else. Put it another way: it’s hard for me to imagine the Crabbs losing any fans over this. Any sg types who use this as excuse to tune the Crabbs out probably weren’t giving them much business to begin with. And even if they do lose a little ground in the sg market, they’ll make it up tenfold, I’d wager, in the expansion of their popularity in other markets.

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