Spank you very much

In his one-man right-on jihad against the industry bias toward charting radio stations, Chuck Peters gently spanks Daywind and Lamp Music for what is, in CP’s experience, a poor level of service to his station, This is not the first time CP has used the everyman’s bully pulpit of the internet to make the case. A few months back, he took on Daywind quite publicly about the same issue. I happen to think CP’s point is a good one, though my stake in the outcome is a bit different than his. CP wants to run a good radio station, which means having good songs, including the most recent and best music from the labels. I like good radio as much as the next guy with a paper sack on his head, but my interest here is part of the larger issue CP’s kindly rant raises: the undue and unearned influence that the bogus radio-charting system exerts on the industry. As go labels and their attitude toward new media trends in music, so go the attitudes of artists, promoters, and other people whose decisions and actions determine the future of the music. Will sg adjust its industry infrastructure to reflect emerging markets the internet makes available? Will labels, promoters, and media relations people on both sides of the fence (publications and PR folks) use the growing credibility gap in the radio-chart reporting method to reconceive the promotional center in sg? Will they try to make sense of sg in a new media market, or will they continue to pretend the oversimplified radio-charting scheme accurately reflects the structuring dynamic of sg music? For me, CP’s gentle jihad opens on to all these questions. Carry on, I say … carry on.

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