There they go

The Crabbs long awaited big announcement is finally done. They have signed with Creative Trust - a marketing firm that represents big name CCM acts like Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day and Warren Barfield and new artist BDA. CT seems to be as much a think-tank as a management company - as in thinking up ways to make almost everyone they represent household names, at least in Christendom. As I’ve heard, they also develop unique projects if they see the potential in them - special events, concert tours, special albums … that kinda thing. They are not a label, but I think they have a distribution deal (with EMI, maybe?) for the occasional project they do release. In any event, this is a smart move for sure (I have the obligatory press photo of the Crabbs with Dan Raines, CT head honcho, and other company types, but I figure whenever the sg press corps(e) finally gets around to this, they’ll post the photo).

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