On the runway

For the record, I did not watch the Grammys. I prefer not to waste time viewing such gassy content-free awards pageants when I can get all the information in digestable, bloatless reports after the fact. So I’m relying on eyewitness accounts of what happened for this post. That said, I gather from reports that Joan Rivers got the A-list artists and daughter Melissa got the B-list for runway chit-chat before the show, including Jamie O’Niel, the Crabb Family and Jars Of Clay etc. Melissa evidently was unfamiliar with most of the folks she interviewed but she was especially clueless about the Christian artists. One viewer said Melissa kept calling the Crabb Family losers and they laughed. Good for them. No need to play into the stupidity of cultural vampires like the Riverses. After the laugh-off, though, the Crabbs also mentioned that they had been involved in a Grammy tribute at West Angeles Temple in LA in honor of Albertina Walker, Bill And Gloria and Andrae Crouch. Meanwhile, Joan Rivers did get one gospel group, The Blind Boys of Alabama. Apparently, she asked the gospel group if they had groupies. They said no, only believers. So Joan asks if believers wear under garments. One of the members said, reportedly, “I don’t know we haven’t gotten that far yet!” Niiiiice.

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